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You can find Kit and her Projects below:

Wise Physiotherapy (Consultations and Mentorship)



Kit Wisdom –  Physiotherapist / Mentor / Wellbeing Facilitator

Hi, I’m Kit – one part of the ‘Real Chat’ team. 

I believe the therapeutic alliance, the relationship between practitioner and patient, is the most important and powerful part of how we can help people in our care. 

I work collaboratively with patients, health professionals, and leaders within the healthcare sector to uncover their deeper insights, as they hold knowledge that we need to drive change. 

My approach emphasizes how we can work together to gain this information, and be able to translate it into powerful care that is shaped by our knowledge of the human body and the experience of each individual. 

I’m currently undertaking training in Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy to further explore how we relate to pain, our body-minds, and ourselves as clinicians. 

I love many things in life, most of them revolving around my appreciation of beauty, and of being human. To name a few, my kid, my wider family of delightful good-eggs, conversations that hold light and dark, hiking in Italy, cloud watching, and being ridiculous as an adult. 

Playfulness is underrated.  🤟

Alex Murray-  Podiatrist / Strength and Conditioning Coach / Educator / Mentor

Hi, I’m Alex, aka “The Rehab Podiatrist” and the other part of the ‘Real Chat’ team.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in healthcare, with the advent of new technology and push for shorter appointment times, is how the system is shifting focus away from the patient and their goals, towards what the practitioner thinks is important. Making the patient a passenger in their healthcare.

Now I’m seeing similar things happens with people’s professional education and careers.

So my practice, mentoring and education is built around how I can utilise my knowledge of the human body, conditions, treatments and experience working within a healthcare system implementing this knowledge, to produce meaningful change to people’s conditions, lives and careers.

Helping people find what’s missing and how they can address this gap.

I’m currently learning how to integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and its framework for helping people live meaningful and rich lives into my practice, education, and mentoring.

I don’t like to sit still. If I’m not working, teaching or learning, you’ll find me out hiking, latin dancing, cooking, reading or trying to catch my escaped backyard chickens Schnitzel and Chicken-Lou.